Would it work as a wireless usb dongle for a cd player like oppo 105, and play music stored in a network drive?

    Unlikely, but that’s very hardware specific.

    How do I uninstall this software on Mac?

    Insert the usb and it will auto show the icon on your desktop. Click the icon, open the Mac folder, then download the drivers for Mac. However, this only works with certain OS and does NOT state which ones. I do know that it will not work if you are running 10.15!

    n: This connects to home wifi correct?

    Hi,Dear customer
    Our wifi adapter is very Easy Setup,it used for PC/Desktop/Mac to become wireless:
    Install the driver from the included CD(Windows no need CD). After the driver is installed, you can use the built-in wireless utility in your operating system to connect to your home wireless network.
    All the best
    Miillink Team Lisa.G

    Do I need CD disk?

    hi,John.Thanks for your purchase.
    It needs to install the driver. But it has built-in driver inside and you can install it directly. You don’t need to insert external CD or download any external driver from online link to install the driver.
    You just need to plug this wifi adapter into the USB port of your computer, then click a driver ” REALTEK ” showing in “My Computer ” to install, that will be OK.
    If any more inquiries, please feel free to contact our service team anytime.
    Thank you!

    Which of the four wifi adapters is better and what is the difference between them?

    Hi,thanks for your support.
    It depends which place you stay.If you just need fast speed connection.Just buy AC600 is enough.If you need update fastest speed,you should buy AC1200.6B29 is great speed!
    All the best

    Will this be compatible to use with a samsung smart tv?

    Hi,Lisa P.
    Thanks for your support.This product can not used for Samsung Smart TV.The wi-fi adapter can be used for PC/Destop/Laptop,etc….
    This is an adapter for a pc, smart tv already has a wireless antenna embedded and is why they become smart TVs.
    Miilink Team Jacky.

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