Is there a hissing sound when the audio is stopped?

    I paused the song I was playing and cranked up the source volume from the mixer that feeds my bluetooth transmitter and there was absolutely no sound. The equipment used is 1Mii B03, 1Mii A06 (this headphone) and Behringer Xenyx 802 Premium 8-Input 2-Bus Mixer with Xenyx Mic Preamps and British EQs (

    Does the band have a metal reinforcement?

    No. I was quite disappointed with these headphones. They are worth about 10$.

    I wanted to just use this for my tv. How do I set that up as well?

    That is what I bought it for also, unfortunately it will only pair with my cellphone and not with my tv. What I ended up getting for my tv is this: It has good range and for me, is more comfortable. Although the 1Mii are good headphones and paired easily with my phone, the headband is a bit too snug for me and ends up making my ears feel crushed after an hour or so. I wouldn’t recommend buying them for tv usage but if you do decide to make the purchase, I hope they work out for you

    How is this sound insulation effect? Can you hear the sound outside when you wear it?

    Well that depends on how loud you have it set to

    This earphone was waterproof ?

    So far yes. I sweat quite a bit at the gym

    Does this have Aptx Hd?

    It has Aptx low latency. I don’t know what Aptx Hd is !

    How many time is necessary to full charge ?

    I recharge mine for about an hour and it lasts me a day or so.

    Will this headphone work on a tv that is not a smart tv?

    1Mii headphone can work with TV which come with bluetooth ,If your TV not equipped with Bluetooth, we strongly recommend you to use 1Mii Bluetooth transmitter with APTX LOW LATENCY

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