Does it work with xbox?

    It will work with your TV.
    I have some great Bluetooth speakers that I use to hook up to my tv and I get great sound when I play PS4.

    Would this work with a Raspberry Pi?

    Ras Pi supports bluetooth connectivity. Why would you use this device?

    how long is optical cable?

    Hello, The optical cable is about 1M(39in), for more questions please contact us via freely. Regards! Ankbit Support Team

    Can you have the optical and the 3.5 aux run at the same time in to one Bluetooth Source?

    Hello, we can not have optical and 3.5 aux run at the same time with our 1Mii Bluetooth transmitter. for any other questions pls contact us via we’ll reply you within 24 hours. Thank you!

    Will be tv audio still on if transmitter device is still plugged in?

    Hello, There is a power button on 1Mii B02 Bluetooth transmitter, you can control with it. Best! Ankbit Support Team

    Can I optical connect my audio CD player to this unit and then bluetooth send the audio to my 2 bluetooth speakers?

    I believe it should work for you. I got this to make a connection of my BOSE QC 35 to my PC which doesn’t support bluetooth connection, and I prefer to use optical output. While I was pairing my headphones my Samsung fridge got also connected to it in speaker mode. So surely this device supports 2 bluetooth devices together. Just make sure the optical output is set to PCM not Dolby because the 1Mii doesn’t support audio compression.
    I think this little device should do the job you need.

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