Will this work with the microphone on a bluetooth headset?

    Yes. It can. If you are going to use the microphone on your Bluetooth headset, please choose”1Mii Audio” As input on your PC or Mac. For Windows 10 PC, please go: Settings>System>Sound>Output(Choose 1Mii Audio) Input(Choose 1Mii Audio). For Mac users, please go: System preferences>Sound>Output>Choose”1Mii Audio” Inputs,please also choose”1Mii Audio”

    What can I expect for range?

    I typically get 30-40 feet…it can go through a hollow core door in my office. The biggest limiting factor I’ve found is clear space; a lot of computers are tucked next to/under things and that can really limit the connection. When I’ve had it hooked to a computer directly under a thick desktop surface there was no range whatsoever without pushing my chair waaaay out and/or pulling the tower out into the open.

    Does this work on a pc that already has bluetooth?

    Yes it does and it works using my laptop with either my Bose NCH-700 headphones and Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds perfectly! Highly recommended! ?

    Is there any compatibility issues with Bose Smart Home portable speakers?

    Its just Bluetooth my JBL.works fine

    Will this send audio from my pc to Belltone hearing aids

    It might be possible, but I don’t think anyone could answer your question without knowing the model of your hearing aid. Most people would assume you are using a PC with Windows 10 but your operating system might have an impact on whether it would work or not.

    Can anyone confirm if this is truly plug and play? I would like to use for audio and voip and cannot install any software on company laptop.

    It was plug and play in my case with a windows desktop. Plugged it in and was able to immediately pair my bluetooth headphones. Very reliable over first several weeks I have had it. I do have some cracking/popping noises occasionally when using it with spotify to play music.

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